Harborland in black and white

Ross Hall

October 29, 2021
(Updated on November 6, 2021)

Black and white photograph of Kobe Port Tower from across the harbor at night

A routine has developed for Fridays. In the morning I go for a walk with my camera. In the evening I go to Harborland to collect my wife and have a meal. I usually have some spare, so the camera gets to come out and play.

Thing is, I’ve probably photographed every square centimetre of the park. It makes it a challenge to shoot something new and fresh.

This time out I set the camera to black and white film simulation, set the shutter speed to manual and started playing. My aim was to bring out the light.

Image above: The Port Tower and Maritime Museum, seen from across the harbor

Black and white photograph of a Ferris wheel lit up at night
The Ferris Wheel at Harborland. At night light patterns run across the span.
Black and white photograph of the signal tower in Kobe Harbor, lit up from underneath
The signal tower, moved to its current location in the early 1990s.
Black and white photograph of a pair of street lamps
Street lamps near the signal tower.
Black and white photograph of light boxes along a sidewalk
Light boxes line a sidewalk.
Black and white photograph of a sidewalk lit up at night by trees with small lights
Trees lit along a sidewalk. Many of Harborland’s streets are lit this way.
Black and white photograph of a Parking sign by the side of the street
A sign shows the way to one of the many car parks.

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