Furniture and steak: a match made in Nitori heaven.

Ross Hall

May 7, 2021
(Updated on June 17, 2021)

A person walks into the Nitori store in Myodani, Japan

Do you go to Ikea for the sensual curves of the HÖGSMA or the meatballs? You could be asking a similar question of Nitori, one of Japan’s largest home furnishing chains.

Nitori has been experimenting with restaurants in a couple of its stores, and now the plan is to go nationwide. If Nikkei is right, one of the ways it’ll keep costs down is by raising livestock “in-house”.

After you’ve had your WTAF moment, this does make sense. Their supply chain runs from production to sale, and is highly efficient. They have large stores which could shuffle around a bit to make space for restaurants. It’s a good way of keeping the brand “front of mind” for a while now everyone’s redecorated their tatami room for the want of something to do.

It’s an interesting exercise to look at your core competences and think how else you could apply them. A few new adjacent markets could open up, or you could find ways of keeping customers engaged while you wait for their next buying cycle.

While you contemplate that, I’m off to pick up a month’s supply of Dime bars. And maybe a chopping board.

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