Photograph of a classic Ramen Bowl with instant ramen, pork slices, boiled egg and spring onion

Celebrate life’s small victories

Ross Hall

June 18, 2021

Instant Ramen is a single serving, you can’t get it wrong, all you need is a pan and boiling water, staple. It’s so easy to make even small children manage it. How I came to completely screw it up and turn scrummy noodles into a congealed, tasteless mess is anyone’s guess.

Needless to say, that night’s dinner was a silent and tense affair.

The next day I was determined to right my wrong. I prepared my ingredients, took my time and served up something quite tasty. Yes, it’s “just” Instant Ramen. It’s made with packets and prepared pork and pre-sliced spring onion (to my credit, I did boil the egg). It is not haute cuisine by any stretch of the imagination.

Yet for a few minutes, as I slurped my way through lunch, I was a Michelin Star Chef who’d prepared a sumptuous banquet. It was fine and hearty food. I would have served it had the Emperor, Queen and a few other heads of state turned up under a somewhat bizarre set of circumstances.

To you it’s a bowl of instant ramen. To me, it’s a small victory.

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