Sharing photography, images and more from my work, travel and experiments.

Black and white photograph of people hunting for crabs on a beach while a bird hunts for them in the foreground

Everybody’s hunting for crabs

Photograph of a man working on powerlines in Kobe, Japan

Man at work on powerlines

Photograph of two elderly people in masks and long sleeves walking in evening sun with a ferris wheel behind them

Wear a mask

A structure on a beach in Kobe designed to offer shade

The shade

Photo of a hammock slung between two trees in a Japanese wood

We all need a place to hide

White hydrangea plant

Hydrangea in Japan

A green suzuki Hustler cross-over parked in front of a sushi restaurant

A light lunch (aka sushi)

A collection of bicycles parked by the side of the road in Nihonheso Park in Japan

What’s the collective noun for bicycles?

Sushi plates on a conveyor in a restaurant in Japan

The endless march of food towards my table

A red plastic mug with Hello Kitty placed between flowers at a stone statue

Hello, Kitty

A photograph of a man walking along a street at night, illuminated by a street light.

Street photography in Osaka: a lone traveller

Black and white photograph of some buildings with a dramatic sky in the background and bridge in the foreground

Patio at Myodani: caught on a Nokia smartphone

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