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Photograph of an entrance to the temple in Myohoji

An unexpected treasure in Myohoji

Black and white photograph of a shopping alley in Japan with bright lights and no people

Memories of Osaka

Photograph of a person taking a photograph in a sea of sunflowers

Sunflower Hill Park

Black and white photo of the Sailing Ship Miraie in Kobe Harbor

Miraie in Kobe

Black and white photograph of people hunting for crabs on a beach while a bird hunts for them in the foreground

Everybody’s hunting for crabs

Photograph of a man working on powerlines in Kobe, Japan

Man at work on powerlines

Photograph of two elderly people in masks and long sleeves walking in evening sun with a ferris wheel behind them

Wear a mask

A structure on a beach in Kobe designed to offer shade

The shade

Photo of a hammock slung between two trees in a Japanese wood

We all need a place to hide

White hydrangea plant

Hydrangea in Japan

A green suzuki Hustler cross-over parked in front of a sushi restaurant

A light lunch (aka sushi)

A collection of bicycles parked by the side of the road in Nihonheso Park in Japan

What’s the collective noun for bicycles?

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