Tuesday Dispatch

The archive of my weekly ezine, which started in late April 2021.

Black and white photograph of a pair of glasses left on a concrete block

Tuesday Dispatch #2: lucky dip flying, retro-fitting cars and the colour blue

October 19, 2021

We're gearing up for a general election at the end of the month. Political choices aside, it's certain by November Japan will have a new economic direction. Abenomics has had its day.

What this new economics will look like is anyone's guess. The incumbent LDP hasn't been entirely forthcoming on details, while opposition parties are throwing around promises like an opposition hoping it will lose.

Photograph of a wooden bench in Kob, Japan with cool bench written in wood behind it

Tuesday Dispatch #1: 6 year old hard disks, Amazon’s home robot and a skateboarding octogenarian

October 12, 2021

Japanese bank Mizuho has been in the news for multiple systems failures this year. Things got so bad the FSA (Japan's financial regulator) is now supervising their IT. If reports are to be believed, it could be 6 year old hard disks are to blame.

An expressway cut through the centre of Seoul, bringing traffic and pollution to the heart of the city. A few years ago city officials ripped the road out and replaced it with parks and walkways. Turns out it was better for everyone.