From constructivist inspired graphics to charts and photomontages.

A graphic displaying the word Hope from blocks of various colors


Graphic artwork with a series of vertical bright coloured blocks on a black background

Untitled Artwork #7

Abstract artwork with 5 circles organised around a curve.

Untitled artwork #6

Graphic showing three triangles representing green renewable energy pushing into a black surface representing coal

Our green wedges will drive into your dark pollution

The 1980s

The 1970s

Poster aping 1960s nostalgia with a caption

The 1960s

Graphic artwork with three columns of black dashes topped with a circular shape

Untitled Artwork #5

An abstract artwork showing a series of semi circles forming a wave

The Wave

Abstract artwork of dark shapes emanating from a circle in the top left of a red panel

Untitled Artwork #4

Graphic with concentric rings on the left and a beam of light coming from its centre, with a series of curves moving to the right

Chernobyl: an abstract artwork

An abstract artwork with a red line on the right and a semi-circle at the bottom

Untitled Artwork #3

An abstract artwork inspired by constructivist principles

Untitled Artwork #2

Abstract artwork with the skyline of kobe represented beneath a clock

Untitled Artwork #1