Protecting your privacy

This page sets out how your personal data is collected, gathered and processed. I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Who are you dealing with?

This site is owned and operated by me, Ross Hall. I’m based in Kobe, Japan and as such various Japanese Data Protection & Privacy laws apply. These have equivalence with the GDPR.

I take privacy very seriously

In short, anything gathered off of this site is used purely to help run the site unless you get in touch, or we work together.

Cookies & Tracking

I do not use cookies to track you on this or any other site.

The site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. This service uses cookies for risk assessment and anti-spam purposes.

Sharing Data

I don’t share data gathered from this site, unless it’s because of a court order or with one of my suppliers. For example, any email messages we share will be held in servers maintained by my host.

Gathering Data

Some data about how you use this site is gathered. TCP/IP addresses are captured for basic analytics and security purposes.

My analytics platform captures anonymised data about your visit to this site. I’ll know where in the world you are, what browser you’re using and which pages you visit. I won’t know if this is your first or fiftieth visit.

Data capture is self-contained. I won’t know which sites you were on before this (unless I added a tracking code for a campaign) or where you go next. I won’t know if you were on ASOS a week last Thursday and they won’t know if you were here.

If you contact me directly I may keep your message in the platform you’ve used. If we’re doing business together any data protection clauses in our contracts will override this page.

Storing Data

I use a number of technologies and services to store data. This includes emails, contact details, files and images. Whenever I choose a new service I always check to make sure they’re treating your data with respect. In practice this means complying with Japan’s Data Protection legislation and regulation.

Deleting Data

I don’t keep anything for longer than I have to. Typically that’s a couple of months. Data relating to work we do together is kept for longer. This is set out in any contract we enter in to.

Requesting a Copy of Your Data

You can ask, but I might not be able to provide anything. If we’ve exchanged emails and I’ve kept them, I can resend them if it helps. Otherwise everything’s anonymous. Contact me for more information.

Sharing data outside Japan

My business is based in Japan and as such you consent to your data being stored, accessed and processed here.

In addition, I use services that are based in the EU, UK and US, and you consent to your data being stored, accessed and processed in these locations as well.

Furthermore, I work globally, so you consent to me accessing your data anywhere in the world depending on where I happen to be. For example, I might read your email while shopping in Seoul or access LinkedIn while over in Viet Nam. Wherever I happen to be, this privacy policy guides how your data is used.


I will update these from time to time. Each time you use this site you accept whichever privacy policy or terms applies at that time.

Questions, Comments, Thoughts

If you’d like to talk to me about anything you’ve seen on this site, please get in touch.

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