What’s the collective noun for bicycles?

Ross Hall

June 10, 2021
(Updated on July 8, 2021)

A collection of bicycles parked by the side of the road in Nihonheso Park in Japan

If sensible people get their way, we’ll see a lot more bicycles parked on our roads. So what should we call them? A herd? A flock? A school?

There’s no collective noun for bicycles. You could look to “Peloton“, although this is a term unique to road racing and implies movement. Otherwise, your average bike is expected to be a solitary creature.

The collective wisdom of Twitter has given us the “Whir”. I like this as it puts me in mind of a murmuration, a peculiarity of nature where birds dart and swirl in mesmerising patterns. Not unlike bicycles in many respects.

The next time you see a collection of bicycles think to yourself, “It’s a whir”.

It’ll soon catch on.

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