Sunflower Hill Park

Ross Hall

July 25, 2021

Photograph of a person taking a photograph in a sea of sunflowers

There are times Japan delivers beauty just for the sake of it. Take the Sunflower Hill Park – Himawari-no-oka Park – in Ono City. Located along route 175 it’s a small park with a couple of facilities, fountain and play equipment for the kids. And a field full of Sunflowers.


Photograph of two people standing in a field of sunflowers
A family capture a moment amongst the sunflowers

As far as I can tell the terraced field serves no purpose other than to bring people joy. The sunflowers (and there are a lot of them) aren’t a commercial crop. Come the autumn they’ll give away the seeds and oil when the flowerheads are cut to make way for the cosmos flowers that follow.

Photograph of a bee feeding on a sunflower
A bee feeds on a sunflower

Hundreds of thousands of Japanese flock to this small field by the side of the road each year. They wander amongst the tall plants taking pictures, chatting, and enjoying the flowers. When they’re done, they pop across the road to sit out in the park, or let their kids play on the adventure playground with the curious name “Panic Park”.

Regardless of why it’s there, I’m glad it is. For an hour or so it was a welcome release from the stresses of the week.

Photograph of two sunflowers in close up
The bright yellows of the sunflowers are a welcome addition to Japan’s green rice fields

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