Street photography in Osaka: a lone traveller

Ross Hall

May 28, 2021
(Updated on June 17, 2021)

A photograph of a man walking along a street at night, illuminated by a street light.

Taken one night while I was living in Osaka. I only stayed there for 3 months, two weeks in quarantine, then time while we looked for a house in Kobe. Our house was close to Tennoji, a short walk from the Temple, and we could see the stunning Abeno Harukas tower from our balcony.

We used to take walks at night. Although Tennoji doesn’t have the bright lights of Tokyo’s Shibuya, it has its own charms. There are plenty of alleys, old houses and bright lights to keep someone interested.

This was taken on one of our walks. We happened to follow the same path for about five minutes. I broke step, took the shot and on we went.

Best way to do street photography.

Born in the UK in the early 70s, I’ve enjoyed a diverse and eclectic career. I spent time in IBM, survived the bust, got myself well known in Insurance, and lived through more digital transformation projects than is healthy. In late ’20, in the middle of a pandemic, I upped sticks and moved to Kobe, Japan with my wife.

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