Patio at Myodani: caught on a Nokia smartphone

Ross Hall

May 25, 2021
(Updated on June 17, 2021)

Black and white photograph of some buildings with a dramatic sky in the background and bridge in the foreground

Patio is a shopping complex in Myodani, a town inside Kobe. It’s a couple of kilometres away and makes for a restful walk if I’m in the mood.

This shot was caught on my Nokia 7.2 smartphone. As well as a processed JPEG file, the phone stores the RAW data straight off the sensor. Sometimes I’ll play with the filters in Google Photo to create an image, other times I’ll use RAW and Affinity Photo. This is one of the latter.

There are times I think photographers get a little snooty about using a smartphone to take a shot. I get the impression there’s a hardcore who think photography is for DSLRs or film cameras or whatever their preferred tool is. I work on the basis whatever camera you have in your hand is the right one. If that’s a smartphone, so be it.

I'm Ross Hall, a writer and researcher based in Kobe, Japan. You can talk to me about B2B, sustainability and strategic management.

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