Memories of Osaka

Ross Hall

August 29, 2021
(Updated on August 27, 2021)

Black and white photograph of a shopping alley in Japan with bright lights and no people

I lived in Osaka for a couple of months. We holed up in an AirBnB, a terraced house out in Tennoji. It was two rooms: one downstairs, one up.

Since we closed the door on that place back in January we’ve not been back. Passed through a couple of times on the way to Kyoto, but not visited.

Black and white photograph of a street corner in Osaka, Japan with a street crossing leading to a closed shop with bikes outside
A street in Osaka, taken on a Sunday afternoon.

A shame. I enjoyed prowling the streets, looking for subjects for my camera. Often there was just my wife and I. The streets were all but empty, aside from occasional bursts of activity in popular shopping districts.

It was a surreal introduction to Japan as more than a tourist.

Black and white photograph of an alley under a railway line with a strong depth of focus and a van parked at the far end several tens of metres away
A parking lot under a railway line in Osaka.

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