Man at work on powerlines

Ross Hall

July 14, 2021

Photograph of a man working on powerlines in Kobe, Japan

The roar of a diesel engine brought me to the window of my office.

They were methodical and meticulous. The vehicle moved into place. A crane rose. The coupling inspected and sprayed. Down came the crane.

Around the workman in his crane bustled a supporting cast of driver and the “human traffic lights” who kept what little traffic there was flowing, and everyone safe.

An entire street done in under thirty minutes.

Born in the UK in the early 70s, I’ve enjoyed a diverse and eclectic career. I spent time in IBM, survived the bust, got myself well known in Insurance, and lived through more digital transformation projects than is healthy. In late ’20, in the middle of a pandemic, I upped sticks and moved to Kobe, Japan with my wife.

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