Don’t @ me

Ross Hall

April 23, 2021
(Updated on June 17, 2021)

A couple of times this past fortnight I’ve been tagged in Tweets. I’d like to say the poster has shared something I’d be interested in, only this isn’t the case. Instead, I’ve been the victim of a drive-by-tagging, designed to raise the profile of the poster in the vain hope of catching someone’s – anyone’s – attention.

Worst case I saw: 22 different people tagged in a single tweet. One person responded. A quick bit of cross-referencing showed at least half a dozen of the others didn’t follow the tweeter. How many did before they blasted out their spam is anyone’s guess.

I get it – we need to raise our profile, but adding a load of @usernames on the end of a post just to get attention is the social media version of spam. If you want to engage with someone, engage with them. Ask their opinion. Reply to a message. DM and ask if you can include them in a blog post.

Do anything but tag all and sundry.

I'm Ross Hall, a writer and researcher based in Kobe, Japan. You can talk to me about B2B, sustainability and strategic management.

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