Image made of 4 different portrait photographs from this web page

Photography revisited

April 27, 2021

Photography has been a passion of mine for more than thirty years. It started with a simple "point and click" and film that had to be sent away to be processed. In late 1999 I got my first digital camera that took stunning 640 x 480 pixel images. More cameras followed and I started working with models, bands and designers.

Then came the decision to immigrate to Japan and everything went on hold for a while. Cancer and coronavirus delayed plans by more than two years until, finally, my wife and I arrived in Osaka in late 2020.

Two portraits of the same woman side by side, one in a professional dress, the other in a casual sweater

How to prepare for your corporate profile photo

April 7, 2021

Even a camera-shy photographer like me needs a headshot. They're an essential part of the modern business landscape and appear everywhere. From the security pass around your neck to a LinkedIn profile or a profile aimed at attracting clients, your photograph is ubiquitous. While you might get away with a selfie on social media, a professionally taken headshot is usually a minimum to achieve any kind of PR coverage.

Many of us don’t enjoy having our photograph taken. We find it uncomfortable and awkward. We worry about looking foolish and the images never look right. Much of that is to do with our own self-image and we’re used to seeing ourselves reversed in a mirror.

A man and a woman looking at a book together

How to use employees in your content marketing

March 31, 2021

Using photographs of employees can add some authenticity to marketing. Showing those who answer the phones or make the products you sell gives people reassurance there’s a real business behind the website. If you’re tempted to grab your phone and snap shots around the office, hold that thought. There are legal, privacy and practical issues you need to address before you can start.

All businesses can feel a little detached and inhuman. Using employees shows there is a human side to the business. Staff working with customers, or pictured in their workplace, adds a little depth to the mountains of posed stock photographs the internet is awash with.