If (bad) UX did real life

Comic strip setting out how bad UX interferes with relationship building

This dates back to 2016. There seem to be a lot of (single) UXers who still think this is the way to start a relationship.

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Alexander Tamworth-Peel

Cartoon character of a man in a top hat speaking out of his arse

One of my daft doodles that went nowhere fast. I think I was aiming for a Conservative Party Member of Parliament.

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USA: fuelling global pollution

The US flag repainted in eco green and covered with black pollution

Originally created as a hero image for an article on the failure of the US Green Deal. It still has relevance: no matter how much effort the US puts into fixing its obsession with oil, goal and pollution, there will always be those fighting against it.

Sometimes while paying lip service to the changes needed.

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