A woman holds her mobile phone while her friend looks at her screen. They are both laughing.

Mobile product pages in fashion retail: a review

April 19, 2021

There’s no doubt 2020 had a profound impact on online shopping. As stores and high streets closed, many shoppers flocked to the websites of their favourite fashion retailer. Overall sales were down, yet online’s volume and share increased.

It is inevitable online shopping won’t go away. More than a third of fashion retail is online, and some have reported over half their sales happen on a mobile phone. This picture of consumers using their phone to shop makes a mobile friendly website as important to a small fashion retailer as having a phone or a way to take payment by card.

The Tower of the Sun in Osaka rising above the entrance

Closed on Wednesday (or how I missed what was right in front of me)

April 14, 2021

Sited in Osaka, the Tower of the Sun is a 70 metre tall artwork created by renown artist Okamoto Taro for the 1970 expo. It looms large over a vast parkland, watching visitors enjoying a walk in the gardens, or enjoying the shopping mall and food court in the nearby mall. Until you’ve seen Okamoto’s masterpiece, it is hard to appreciate the impact it has.

Our plan was to visit on a Monday when crowds would be smaller. Rain pushed that to Tuesday, when a sudden client need delayed us again. And so on Wednesday we jumped in the car, fired up Google Maps and set off for a fun day out.

A simple colour wheel on a rainbow background

Colour: how to choose the right colours with your designer

April 8, 2021

Recommendations about the colour to use in your brand can seem a little arbitrary. Sometimes the mix "just works" and you don't know why. Or the designer suggests using a slightly different variation on your brand for this specific design. Maybe the mix of colours doesn't "feel" quite right.

You can easily dismiss these ideas as "designer's ego".