Hi! I’m Ross Hall – a writer, researcher and photographer.

I write long form articles, management and strategic reports.

Opinions and Commentary

Constructivism inspired illustration about unfollowing inactive Twitter accounts

Lessons from unfollowing inactive Twitter accounts

Photograph of Thank You banners for NHS staff hanging from Regent Street during London Lockdown

“Freedom Day” : an experiment in common sense from those without it

Photograph of laptop on a table with a mug of coffee and TV remote nearby

Working from home: here we go again

Photograph of abandoned white goods in Kobe, with plants growing up and around it

Fly tipping in Japan

KLM airplane at the stand in Kansai airport

A flight to Japan: my experience emigrating in the middle of a pandemic

Photograph of a classic Ramen Bowl with instant ramen, pork slices, boiled egg and spring onion

Celebrate life’s small victories


Illustration of a laptop placed on an engineering size reduction symbol with lines showing data deflected away from a red circle

WordPress: how to remove unwanted code from your site’s header

Illustration of a building in Japan with a bright yellow background

WebP: a “new” format for your WordPress images

How to stop WordPress spoiling your images and photos


Black and white photograph of some buildings with a dramatic sky in the background and bridge in the foreground

Patio at Myodani: caught on a Nokia smartphone

Photograph of a man working on powerlines in Kobe, Japan

Man at work on powerlines

Photo of a hammock slung between two trees in a Japanese wood

We all need a place to hide

Photograph of two elderly people in masks and long sleeves walking in evening sun with a ferris wheel behind them

Wear a mask

A red plastic mug with Hello Kitty placed between flowers at a stone statue

Hello, Kitty

A photograph of a man walking along a street at night, illuminated by a street light.

Street photography in Osaka: a lone traveller

Life in Japan

Photograph of a person taking a photograph in a sea of sunflowers

Sunflower Hill Park

Orange toy Suzuki Hustler kei car in front of the allow wheel of a real car of the same make

Japan’s BIG small cars

A person walks into the Nitori store in Myodani, Japan

Furniture and steak: a match made in Nitori heaven.

Black and white photo of the Sailing Ship Miraie in Kobe Harbor

Miraie in Kobe

Photograph of a man working on powerlines in Kobe, Japan

Man at work on powerlines

A selection of gift cards on a display

The forgotten art of giving gifts to customers

Let’s talk.

I’ve more than 30 years experience in business and management, and 20 creating reports and articles.

My work has appeared in the Daily Telegraph, Insurance Times, Insurance Age, Company Digest, Mercedes, Asian Woman and many more.

I’ve also researched and prepared reports supporting six and seven figure investment pitches, strategic acquisitions and new market development.

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